All training sessions are customized to client needs, experience and skill levels. They focus on strategic messaging, tough questions and tools required for success.

  • Executive media training
    • Private coaching sessions for CEOs and top executive teams
    • Builds on client's style and strengths
    • Interactive format with videotaped interviews and feedback
    • Useful for both positive and negative situations
    • Pre-media interview telephone coaching also available

  • Media training workshops
    • Half- or full-day workshops for groups on media and messaging
    • Information and techniques for managing media interviews for the most positive outcome
    • May be oriented to a client's real-life situation
    • Educational approach includes information for practical use, and hands-on videotaped interviews and feedback

  • Strategic messaging workshops
    • Half-day workshops for groups on using key messages to extend brand and unify image
    • Aligns teams and organizations with brand position
    • Promotes consistency in internal and external communications
    • Interactive format includes hands-on videotaped interviews and feedback

  • General workshop topics include:
    • Achieving Brand Success
    • Developing an Effective Marketing Plan
    • Media Relations: Meet Today’s Media
    • Creating a Crisis Communication Plan
    • Crisis Response 101
    • Effective Messaging (customized for client)
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