June, 2011 Take a little R&R – ‘Review and Refresh’ this Summer.

Use the summer for some R&R - Review and Refresh. Taking stock of your company now can rev up your sales for the rest of the year. We recommend these two tactics.
  • Sales Summit
  • Marketing Audit

The ‘dog days of summer’ may be approaching, but it’s a good time of year to stay cool and take stock of your company. Taking time now to assess your company’s vision, plans and position in the marketplace will set you up for success for the rest of 2011 and beyond. The following are two actions that any company, small or large, can take to increase marketing effectiveness and sales performance.

1. Sales Summit: Earlier this month a client asked TJPR to come in and assess the status of the company’s marketing program to increase sales. After an initial review of numbers and strategies, TJPR presented suggestions to company associates for education, feedback and brainstorming. The client walked away with a more visible competitive positioning, a system for targeting potential clients, stronger messages, and more aggressive marketing tactics, including email contact and blog activity. The conversation was also extremely productive in that it served to

  • get everybody on the same page
  • give everybody a voice
  • reinforce the brand and marketing messages, and
  • sharpen the associates’ sales focus.

Everyone left the meeting with new strategies and a three-month plan. They also left with a better sense of goals and timing, and just as importantly, a renewed energy for marketing.

2. Marketing Audit: Summer is also a smart time to optimize brand messaging and strategy for effective sales programs. Conducting a marketing audit – based on market research – can help a company gain insights into customer needs and perceptions as well as marketplace visibility. This information can then be analyzed to identify problems and opportunities. Identifying new target audiences and strategies, and deepening marketing messages can give a company the extra bench strength it needs to win business over competitors.

Once you have reviewed and reset your marketing plans, you can forge ahead with the confidence that comes from having had a mid-year review and emerging with the right strategies and tools for success.

If your company can benefit from a fresh look at your sales and marketing picture, stay cool and look at this summer as a gift. And call us at Treco-Jones Public Relations to help you prepare for the rest of the year.

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