May 1, 2010 Treco-Jones 22nd Anniversary Newsline
I hope this note finds you well in the second quarter of the year. The economy is still a challenge of course, but there is definitely business to be done. In fact, now is a smart time for businesses to review, and potentially renew, their brand positioning. The organization that stands still today will not live to see a recovered economy. It’s critical to stay relevant in order to have success in this changed marketplace. For example, two re-branding projects I completed this year addressed challenges related to changing needs.

One client was an established physicians practice with a single core patient base, wanting to diversify for increased profitability and higher and more positive visibility on local radar screens. After conducting and analyzing internal and external research including an environmental scan, my re-branding recommendations included a revised name and market positioning and new messaging — all consistent with their offerings, values and culture. Brand planning focused on identifying several new audiences and grassroots marketing strategies to reach them. Sample audiences included certain local ‘gateway’ groups with staff lacking health insurance, but still able to pay for healthcare services. Another key audience consisted of healthcare professionals who worked with them, but could refer many more patients to the practice. Included in the mix were the timetable and potential effects of the just-passed Obama health legislation.

Another re-branding program helped an organization serving women business owners differentiate itself from its ever-expanding field of competitors, given the recent boost in entrepreneurism. A key recommendation was to elevate its position to more accurately reflect its status. Part of that effort was focused on viability of new audiences for new services. The organization was given the brand platform and market tools to help staff and board members drive its proprietary programs; attract new, more upscale audiences; and think about itself in a new way.

These are just two examples of savvy organizations striving to strengthen their brands in changing conditions, and outlast their competitors.

Business really hasn’t changed that much in the 22 years since I started Treco-Jones Public Relations Inc. The economic climate has suffered at times, but the business owners with vision and sense have understood how re-branding and marketing play such a significant role in long-term success.

I wish you well this year in view of our changing business environment, and hope you think of me should you need branding and marketing services.


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