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I have worked with Sherry Treco-Jones on two occasions. One involved the personal and professional reputation of an extraordinarily talented individual. The other involved the impending closure of a highly respected nonprofit organization. The issues and circumstances were vastly different. One case involved coordination with multiple law firms as well as the client and the client’s emotionally involved family. The other involved working with management, the board, and a supporting marketing professional. Both involved working under very close time constraints.

Throughout my work with Sherry Treco-Jones, I found her to be extremely competent in quickly grasping the important facts, identifying the key issues, and developing the most advantageous presentation of the issues in a consistent manner to multiple audiences. She quickly drafted all of the necessary documents acknowledging the individual perspectives of all persons involved, but emphasizing the points that would put the client in the best public light. Her ability to develop the strategy necessary to satisfy the individual interests while focusing on the best ultimate and lasting impression the situation would leave with the community was impressive. She has my highest recommendation.

Jane A. Nangle, Esq.

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