Are you about to file a lawsuit that could have public repercussions and interest from the media? Are you concerned about the potential impact of community or employee buzz? It's important to set, coordinate and 'control the message' for the best outcome. That results when you have a strong communications plan and effective strategies that inform and augment your legal case.

TJPR Background

  • Collaborates with law firm(s) and clients
  • Develops strategic communications for all target audiences, before, during and/or after the legal action
  • Exceptional analytical abilities
  • Specializes in complex cases
  • Experience with a broad scope of issues
  • Upholds PRSA Code of Ethics and need for confidentiality
  • Works with clients and law firms across the U.S.

Step 1. Strategic positioning, messages and plan

  • Creates a thorough timed plan of action based on the lawsuit, possible scenarios, target audience interest and involvement, background information and research, and other factors
  • Highlights strategic positioning and core messages aligned with legal direction
  • Offers other recommendations as needed
  • Selects spokespeople

Step 2. Litigation support campaign

  • Serves as counsel 24/7
  • Prepares Q&A, other supporting materials for client use internally and externally
  • Prepares all press materials, including releases
  • Coaches spokespeople
    • Offers an intense, message-driven media training session featuring videotaped, live interviews with feedback
  • Coordinates media events, press conferences, etc.
  • Monitors and analyzes progress and press coverage (traditional and new media)
  • Recommends alternative strategies as needed
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