Are you hoping an issue won’t turn into a full-blown crisis? Or are you experiencing one already? Don’t place your organization’s reputation and credibility on the line. Plan proactively to develop strategies that will lead to the most positive outcome and the least damage. Every moment you delay, you lose productivity and morale, create brand challenges, and increase the cost of a return to ‘business as usual.’ Act swiftly and your stakeholders will thank you.

TJPR Background

  • Extensive track record in local, national and international crisis consulting
  • Crisis anticipation and response
  • Known for strategic insight and analytical abilities
  • Works directly with CEO and/or board chair
  • Available 24/7
  • Rapid response to client’s needs
  • Selects and leads crisis team from a communications perspective
  • Aligns strategies with operations and culture
  • Comprehensive approach includes spokesperson selection, situational review and analysis, positioning and messaging, strategies, plan and related communication, timetable and execution (as appropriate)
  • Coaches spokesperson
  • Encompasses traditional and social media
  • Upholds PRSA Code of Ethics and need for confidentiality

Certification by Center for Disease Control’s “Crisis + Emergency Risk Communications” Certification by Center for Disease Control’s “Crisis + Emergency Risk Communications”
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